I met with someone a couple weeks ago.  Let’s call him Bob. Everyone around him would say that he has a very successful business.  From all outward appearances, he’s doing well – making good money and doing cool things…

Yet below the surface he’s struggling.

Kind of like a swan  …. they seem to just glide around on the water, but really they’re working their ass off below the surface kicking.

Well, Bob is often working 12 and 16 hour days and there are still the occasional weeks where he has to forgo his own salary to meet payroll.

That sucks.

Here’s the essence of his dilemma, which seems to be fairly common:

  1. He’s not busy enough to hire more help
  2. He’s too busy to do enough prospecting

So what’s the solution?

Well, he could bite the bullet and borrow money if necessary, and hire someone to help “do the work”, then spend all his time going after new business.  But that’s awful risky.  What if he gambles on the wrong person.  And what if he falls short as a “salesperson”?

How about instead hiring a star salesperson?  Same risk – what if he makes the wrong hiring decision?  Either way you look at it, it still comes down to people.  Or I should say, a person.

What if there was a way to do it that didn’t rely so much on just one person?  How about a system?  Leverage?
By putting together a marketing strategy that ….

  1. compels prospects to raise their hand and identify themselves
  2. patiently motivates them to take action when they’re ready
  3. works 24/7 completely on autopilot

…there will always be an influx of “pre-sold” prospects

There are different ways to do this, some require money and some do not. Bottom line – as more revenue comes in, more money can be directed back into the marketing to reach more and more people, more target markets …. eventually there will be SO much business that Bob will be forced to hire help, start replacing himself, and voila – he’s now got more money AND time.

(Because what would you do if you had lots of money but no time to spend it?)

Like everything, this takes real effort to set up and to get it working right. But out of all the things that you’re doing right now, isn’t this a worthy goal? Something worth making a priority?

Marketing is The Cure for Most Business Problems
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