How is Workers’ Compensation Fraud Detected?


Workers’ compensation is insurance for employees who are injured on their job. The entire premium is paid for by the employer without any cost to the worker. A claim is generated as soon as an employee reports an injury to their supervisor, which is in turn reported to the insurance company. The injured worker would have to use an approved medical provider for treatment; otherwise, the injury will not be covered under workers’ compensation insurance. If the injury requires a trip to the emergency room, the hospital must be told that the patient was hurt at work. Unfortunately, the workers’ compensation system is an avenue for fraud by employees, employers, healthcare providers and attorneys.

Home Contractors: What Are The Legal Issues Involved When You Hire One?


It is best to find a mediator to stand between the two parties and help both sides understand the other side's point of view on the matter so that they will reach a settlement. None of both sides are bound to whatever decision the mediator ends up giving. The local courts recommend arbitrators and mediators. Several nonprofit associations such as the American Arbitrator Association may have the mediators and arbitrators to help you resolve your issues. There will be fees involved in such a resolution, and it depends on the location and complexity of the case on hand, but it won't be that expensive given that both parties share the cost of the litigation.

It would be advantageous in your part if you hire a lawyer that has experience with such cases. The lawyer will assist you with the whole process, from filing the case which most likely will cost you about $250 to $800, up until the claims will be made. Another thing you have to think about is the fee for the services of your attorney which you might want to pay using a percentage of what you might recover